Shona McNeill

Professional Singer-Songwriter

“Music is more than an emotion, it’s a feeling; and I want you to feel me. With every word I sing, every slap on the cajon, note played on the bass, and strum of the guitar strings, I want you to be so in sync with me, that you feel like I am you, and you are me.”

 -Shona McNeill-


     Music is one of the purest addictions. It feeds the soul and mind, uplifts the spirit, and harbors the ability to speak every language known to man. It has no fear or limits, and its presence is as universal as a smile. It’s the feeling of sitting on the edge of your chair listening to your favorite song, while trying hard not to reach for the repeat button before it ends. Being hung on every word, melody, and hook that is sold to you because you feel it to be no other way, now that’s music! We long for those old souls who melt us, persuade us, and capture us with their heart felt truths of love and life. And Singer-songwriter Shona McNeill, is, and does just that. 

     A voice defined by a musical melting pot, Shona exposes her audience to a fusion of the Blues, Jazz, Classical, Country, Soul, and many other musical genres, all in one package. She takes her listeners on a journey that only she can tell and paints a picture with every word. She is our guilty pleasure. So, with no further a due we present to you singer-songwriter Shona McNeill.

I don’t want to pretend to be someone else, I just want to own the person that I am today.

-Shona McNeill

The Buzz Around Shona McNeill

Shona's music, lyrics, and recording style is professional and impressive. As CEO, I've been in radio broadcasting and the music industry for at least 50 years. Believe me , I know awesome talent when heard. Shona Exemplifies a unique musical gift that is impeccable and inclusive within itself. She is a source of high intelligence with voice tracking, and that special voice of visual characters for the ears. She is a voice on my numerous radio stations. And I, Dr. Michael Augustus, am proud of her!
Shona's voice is tequila with honey-powerful, strong, but also sweet. She squeezes out every ounce of passion she has when she performs her original songs. A Shona McNeill show will leave you with a taste of New Orleans Jazz blended with deep Alabama Soul. Shona was awarded the South Alabama Songwriters "Rising Star" Award for 2019
Shona McNeill is a very professional, friendly, personable, well-spoken, confident host. She hosted our events on a monthly basis for our open mic nights at The Uptown, and she was spectacular! She knows how to connect with the audience and gets positive feedback every time. We can't wait to get her back into one of the things that she does best.....HOST. #Uptownfamily.