The Truth About the Power, of Being Perfectly Imperfect

 I have always been in love with music. My first inspirations, taught me the importance of feeling music, not as a section, but as a whole; words, melody, instrumentation, rhythm, and more. I admired the singers who wrote their own songs, and how they were able to expose parts of themselves that many of us avoid. To be vulnerable to the world, stripping yourself bare of all of the expectations of society, and exposing one of the scariest things there is to admit; that he/she is only human, and perfectly imperfect. To some this may seem simple, but to me it screamed BRAVERY! They had the guts to do in some ways what I couldn’t, unapologetically tell the truth.

For years I would write songs, only to be disgusted because I spent more time censoring what I said and how I felt, afraid I would offend someone. It wasn’t until I stopped fighting against the current of how I truly felt, that the words began to flow. Suddenly, all these emotions that were bottled up, spewed onto the pages my of notepad. I didn’t have to frequently erase and start again, nor did I constantly reword every sentence until it was perfect. I allowed myself the privilege, to admit that I too was merely human, and perfectly imperfect. By letting go of control, I found my voice, a voice that I have no intentions of ever losing again. May the truth that I speak in my songs, be an inspiration to someone else.

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