What Just Happened?

Some of my best musical moments, occurred when I didn’t have a clue of how they happened. It was as if I was physically present, but mentally absent. In other words, I stepped back and trusted my hard work unknowingly. For a short period of time, my mental GPS was cut off, and I entered into a place where I wasn’t overly concerned about the areas, I was prone to mess up at. I also wasn’t thinking about breathing at this place, or making sure my mouth was open enough to take a solid breath. Somehow, I left my designated route, became lost, yet found my stride all in the same step.  Which makes me wonder, perhaps its’s not the tedious work we put into our craft that is the most challenging part, but the act of letting go, and trusting that what we need will naturally be provided, if we just learn to get out of our own way.

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