" One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." -Bob Marley-

Music is one of the purest addictions. It feeds the soul and mind, uplifts the spirit, and harbors the ability to speak every language known to man. It has no fear or limits, and its presence is as universal as a smile. It’s the feeling of sitting on the edge of your chair listening to your favorite song, while trying hard not to reach for the repeat button before it ends. Being hung on every word, melody, and hook that is sold to you because you feel it to be no other way, now that’s music! We long for those old souls who melt us, persuade us, and capture us with their heart felt truths of love and life. And Singer-songwriter Shona McNeill, is, and does just that. A voice defined by a musical melting pot, Shona exposes her audience to a fusion of the Blues, Jazz, Classical, Country, Soul, and many other musical genres, all in one package. She takes her listeners on a journey that only she can tell and paints a picture with every word. She is our guilty pleasure. So, with no further a due we present to you singer-songwriter Shona McNeill.


A native of Enterprise, Alabama, Shona McNeill found her passion for music early on in life.

 Fascinated by the stylings of Brian McKnight, Tamia, Tevin Campbell, Luther Vandross, and many others, young Shona found her calling in the solitude of music. So, it came as no surprise to friends and family when she decided to go forward and pursue her dreams. She began to take part in events such as the Sweet Auburn Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, where she met Charlotte Cain, as well as local talent shows. It was then that she began to network and build relationships that would help her progress in the future.

      Upon graduating from Enterprise High School, Shona attended Enterprise- Ozark Community College where she obtained her Associates Degree in Music. She then transferred to the University of Alabama At Birmingham, also known as UAB, and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Music. While attending UAB, Shona found herself under the vocal guidance of Dr. Paul Mosteller. It was there that she became exposed to genres such as Opera and Broadway, which highly broadened her knowledge of music.

     After graduating, Shona began to take part in local theatre productions; which opened the door for her to be scouted by Southern Broadway for the premiere of their upcoming play “The Depot.” Once the run of “The Depot” came to an end in 2011, Shona began to record her first original three song project, entitled The Demo. Released in 2012, Shona took The Demo on the road, reconnecting with familiar friends such as Charlotte Cain of the Sweet Auburn Fest, and others. In the mist of her travels, she once again combined forces with Southern Broadway to play Mimsy Jackson in the play “Song of My Heart”, an opportunity that she would accept again in 2026.  As “Song of My Heart” was coming to an end, Shona began to take part in an artist development program, in Georgia, where she had the opportunity to work with star choreographer Leon Lee. At the beginning of 2013, Charlotte invited Shona to perform at the Black History Month Parade in Atlanta, Georgia, which then granted her the chance to sing for the Martin Luther King Foundation’s Stop the Violence and Incarceration Campaign. Later that year, Shona returned to Georgia to participate in the event Global Winter Wonderland, which she was invited to come back and perform for a second time in January 2014. Upon returning home Shona took part in performing in The Crawdad Festival in Ozark, Alabama, where she graced the streets of Ozark with many talented musicians such as Little Jimmy Reed. In 2014, a good friend, Harolyn Benjamin, reached out to Shona and suggested that she speak with Demetria McClinton of WTVY Dothan. At the time, Demetria was over the afternoon spot on the news, and she was always scouting new talent and opportunities in the area. It wasn’t long before the two were able to connect and Shona was offered an opportunity to perform on the show.

       By means of a close friend and fellow artist, Shona was introduced to Kellie Leigh in 2016, the founder of the independent Canadian magazine Lover’s Magazine. A fan of Shona’s music, Kellie offered Shona a three-page spread in her magazine, broadening Shona’s fan base. In January 2017, Shona was given the amazing opportunity to be casted as an extra for Marvel Comic’s Black Panther movie, which was released in 2018. Within the same years Shona, along with two other artists, performed as an opening act for singers Priscilla Block, Dustin Herring, and Lee Tucker, and opportunity given by Carmen Melton Bennett, the founder  of the South Alabama Songwriters Association, which Shona is proud a member of. During this time, Robert Worthey, CEO of Orbis Radio, extended a helping hand, by offering to play Shona’s music on his international radio station, giving her a new platform to expand her audience. As 2018 was coming to a close, Shona was offered the chance to host open mic night, each month at The Uptown Jazz Club, an opportunity that continued, until the arrival of Covid 19. In 2019 the  South Alabama Songwriters association awarded Shona with the 2019 “Rising Star Award”, an award that given to Shona based of the nominations of her fellow musical peers. In 2020, Shona combined with two other singer-songwriters, to perform in the round at Mural City Coffee Shop, created by John Shaw. In the beginning of 2021, Shona took part in the Legendary Willie Mac Show, as a host and performer.  Impressed by Shona’s talent, Dr. Michael Augustus, CEO of The Michael Augustus Morning Show, discovered Shona’s music, and instantly offered to feature it on his stations, giving her a local and afar fan base. Without the consistent helping hands and infamous support, the sound that is Shona McNeill may have not covered all the ground that it has.

       Although all journeys have a beginning and end, Shona McNeill is far from completing her story. With many more songs to write and dreams to pursue, she is just scratching the surface. So, let us sit back and watch as she reveals to us all that she can do.